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. Hetalia .

How I could became obsessed with
an anime that only lasts five minutes? D :
Don't know,
but I have to thank Himaruya
for all the comical and unique characters!

Hetalia and History by McMitters Hetalia Fan by dragon-sigma
Ok? Kolkolkol...

______________________ ♦ ______________________

I really enjoy drawing Heta arts,but
I'm not a completly Heta artist,
oui? :c

My Heta gallery is still in progress, but if you would like, check out!

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E n c h a n t e


And welcome to my profile,
mademoiselles and monsieurs

facebook | tumblr | twitter
NYAH! Fanfiction | FanFiction.Net

日本語 | Português(BR) | English ♦

ChocotanYuu is an ordinally japanese who resides in Brazil, can speak English but still tries to speak the Queen's English. Altought she always uses some words in french, she cannot speak this language at all.


Hmm... quite complicated, huh~?

_________________________ ♦ _______________________

゛Be a normal person is not awesome"

Very well. Fortunally I'm abnormal with pride!
I have a sickly passion for my drawings and I always try to draw better (everyday, every moment, baby c; )

Each of my babies is done with love and blood


| Birthday --------♦ October 26th |

| Gender --------♦ Female |

| Current Residence --------♦ Brazil |

| Occupation --------♦ University student |

| Relationship ------♦ What? Would you like to know?? (´. ω .`) |


"There is no exquisite beauty
without some strangeness in the proportion."

(Edgar Allan Poe)

. My Gallery .

My best original artwork

______________________________ ♦ ______________________________

Beautiful Suicide by ChocotanYuuI walk alone by ChocotanYuuKind Princess by ChocotanYuu

APH: Diese roten Augen by ChocotanYuu APH: Faux Wings by ChocotanYuu

APH - Red Chrysanthemum part I by ChocotanYuu APH - Red Chrysanthemum part II by ChocotanYuu

APH - The four-leaf clover by ChocotanYuu

♦ Fanart . Axis Powers: Hetalia ♦


Under the Mistletoe... by ChocotanYuu Nightmare Before Christmas by ChocotanYuu Monthlt Request - June by ChocotanYuu

Monthly Request - May by ChocotanYuu

And more

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W CA by LinkMasterXP

Due to the my personality distortion,
One day I can post
something bloody
and suddenly may have a change of 360°
for something cute
to cause ansia to vomit rainbows.

Be carefull!

More stuffs

Holy anime! Crai 2 by Emoji-kun
For me season two of Black Butler doesn’t exist

“Yes, my Lord”
(Sebastian Michaelis)

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Japanese Pride by CrimsonLegacy Always tired... by prosaix stamp :: Cappuccino by sequelle
kuroshitsuji stamp by endzi-z Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Stamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemist
Harry Potter Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art After all this time? by L3xil3in Severus Snape's Patronus Stamp by L3xil3in

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♦ Inspirations ♦




My sincere apologies, my dears

I'm a busy, lazy and forgetful person
I adore have a nice conversation, and also read comment
I read all of them carefully and I appreciate all them

Don't be mad if I didn't reply yet :c


. My Playlist .

♪"何を目指し進んでいくんだ you loser
What you will base to keep following your life, you loser?

Losing in yourself"♫

Bunny Emoji-25 (Listening to music) [V2] by Jerikuto

"Excuse Me (Japanese Version)" by B.A.P

. B.A.P (intro)
. 1004 (Angel)
. Danger
. Ringa Linga
. With You
. Love Sick



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APH - Cold by ChocotanYuu
APH - Cold
    APH - "Cold'
    art © ChocotanYuu
    Axis Powers: Hetalia, Russia ( child Ivan Braginski) © Hidekaz Himaruya

    Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

    "Livin' in a world so cold
    Wasting away
    Livin' in a shell with no soul"

    Inspired on "World So Cold" by Three Days Grace: youtube

    As I didn't use watercolor for a long time, I have to practice how to use it once again.

    Not bad... Not bad~
    Mainly I like how I could paint his eyes, with deep and intense gaze.

        page divider by lithiumharddrive

    If you want to see another my Hetalia's work :iconrussiarollplz:

    Or if you would like to check out another of my precious works c:


    You also can find me...
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    +Tumblr Icon+ by tumblr-centerplz tumblr

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    Depois de tanto tempo sem usar a aquarela, eu estou voltando a praticar como se usa. 
    Isso é tão ruim, mas indo com otimismo. 

    Mas estou gostando do resultado, consegui descobrir por acaso um ótimo jeito de dar efeito de brilho nos cabelos. 

Tokyo Ghoul - I'm a human by ChocotanYuu
Tokyo Ghoul - I'm a human
    Tokyo Ghoul - "I'm a human"
    art © ChocotanYuu
    Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-), Kaneki Ken © Ishida Sui

    Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle 

    "Who is that inside of me?"

    Inspiration: Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul OP) youtube

    Okay, it looks creepier than before I started to paint it :iconohmygoooodplz:

    I got a inspiration after saw the first episode of this anime, specifically the scene that Kaneki's rejecting himself.
    Personally I wish I had been able to draw the Ghoul's eyes as well :c

    But well, I finally could painting blood efect after all this time :icontuzkiblushplz:

    I must return to study about anatomy, poses and body proportion :/

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    If you want to see another my Hetalia's work :icongermanyrapefaceplz:

    Or if you would like to check out another of my precious works c:


    You also can find me...
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    O primeiro capítulo deste anime me inspirou bastante para fazer este desenho, mais especificamente quando o Kaneki está rejeitando a si mesmo.

    Mas... Caramba, o desenho finalizado ficou mais medonho do que eu pensei.
    Vamos supor que isso foi o resultado por não ter desenhado sangue por tanto tempo [EXO] Luhan Emoticon  

Tokyo Ghoul - Uta-san by ChocotanYuu
Tokyo Ghoul - Uta-san
    Tokyo Ghoul - Uta-san
    art ©ChocotanYuu
    Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-), Uta © Ishida Sui</b>

    Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

    I don't know how, but I watched all Tokyo Ghoul episodes in just two days. 
    Alright, I like this anime because containd pysichological contents, a lot of BLOOD (but I think that I downloaded a censored ver :iconfliptable:) also the creator's illustration is attractive. 

    BUT. Honestly I've expected more. 

    The last episode, for exemple. Just focused on the Kaneki ans Jason's batle, actually just on the Kaneki's psychological monologue.
    Okay, okay. He's the protagonist, but C'MON!! At the same time also was happening a lot of things!! Where are other characters??

    Aaahhh... I'm so disappointed D.O : Please No (D.O does not approve)

    But anyway. 
    So, here's Uta-san~ Because I liked him at first glance :icontuzkiblushplz:

    I got some inspiration and I want to draw Kaneki.

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    If you want to see another my Hetalia's work :icongermanyrapefaceplz:

    Or if you would like to check out another of my precious works c:


    You also can find me...
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    Eu não sei como, mas consegui assistir Tokyo Ghoul em apenas dois dias kk
    Ok, gostei deste anime por conter conteúdo que mexe com psicológico, tem trama bem pesado, além de conter bastante sangue (mesmo que eu tenha baixado episódios censurados. malditos

    MAS. Honestamente esperava mais por este anime.

    É aquela típica situação de que o final estraga tudo. Em suma, sem dar spoiler, estava acontecendo tantas coisas ao redor, tantas batalhas importantes, mas no fim, só ficou concentrada na luta entre o protagonista e o seu atual inimigo (?). Sendo que, mais da metade era só cenas dele sendo torturado e preso no monólogo psicológico dele. 
    Sabe aquele anime que termina, mas não termina? É mais ou menos assim...

    Aahh... enfim, vou ler o mangá para ver se a minha frustração acalma um pouco. 

    E aqui está o Uta-san, o personagem que gostei a primeira vista♥
    O visual é incrível, sem contar na personalidade e o mais importante, o seiyuu dele é Sakurai Takahiro Surprised Joon 


Back from HELL

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 7:38 PM
facebook l tumblr l twitter l NYAH! Fanfiction l FanFiction.Net l Gallery

Before anything I'm gonna write here, I'd like to apologize for been inactive from two or three months (I guess).

During all these several weeks I've been so busy from all works from university. Really, I ever didn't have time enough to sleep! I believe that you know what I'm talking about, and that's really stressful, weariful etc.
And let me say juts one thing:


Even just for two weeks, I believe... I mean, I hope that I could be able to enjoy every seconds.

Well, altought I didn't sleep as well, I guess I've been fine.
Now, about you, my dears? How have you been?


Yes. I know that I didn't submit any drawings or even sketches right here.

Honestly I drew some stuff over time, but unfortunately not a over detailed drawing. Just a simple sketches :icontuzkidramaplz:
I think I'm submiting them here tomorrow, and hope you don't mind to see them. But don't worry, I'm trying to do a new drawing using watercolors!

Personally I believe that my style changed a bite. I don't have any idea how you guys'll react about it... But I'm a little anxious for it

Wait for see them~❤

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. Always . and . Special people .

~ ❤ ~

Without you
I’ve never would be ‘me’ as I’m now
You saved me
and I have no words enough to able to thank you

My twin sister, my wife,
my other side of the brain,
my partner, my daily walking

My best friend

~ Always ~

~ ❤ ~


Sarah Regina, Ana Carolina, Agatha Fernandes

igorkyoya MilenaRA Ray-of-Afterlife
Shien-Tsuyu GM111010love Silvia-x-Gaara SYYuuki17
Beatriz9944 AiSouInuzuka Solomon-love

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~ ❤ ~



You will always be my love
"I adore you"

Status de l'art


REQUEST: temporarily CLOSED
COMISSION: I'm thinking to start c:
♦ ART TRADE: on hold

For personal reasons the request is temporarily closed :c


. Reminder .


♦ To do List ♦


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It's strictly forbidden to RUSH ME to finish your order
Respect my time
Please, be patient

Merci ❤


ChocotanYuu has started a donation pool!
123 / 2

"Thank you, my lady/ my lord"

Would like to help me?
Even one point will be rewarding enough for my humble person

I'd like to thank you for all support

Merci ❤

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You don't have to thank me for faves
Please keep doing stupendous arts


But if you insist, I'll accept llama or points ❤


Hello, my dears~ I need your opinion: WHAT KIND OF DRAWING I SHOULD DRAW? Please, give me a name of the anime, series, cartoon, character~ c: (as I've been inactive for these few months ago, I dunno what kind of drawing you'd like to see more orz 

12 deviants said Manga&Anime
1 deviant said Cartoon
No deviants said Other


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